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I was curios after the test what would happen if I took a break from typing altogether for a week. Would I forget my new skills? Since I would be away at a conference (Öredev) for a week I had the opportunity to give it a go.

After one week I didn’t feel as confident when typing, and was surprised to see that the scores hadn’t declined a whole lot. I decided to do the test on the laptop as well, and set a new baseline for future reference. Here are the baseline scores with comments:

New baseline after one week break and one week Das keyboard training: 52.33 (from 48, 54, 55)

Baseline errors: 6

Old baseline: 47.33 (45, 38, 59)

Baseline errors: 11

Improvement by 10.5 %

Error improvement by 54 %

New Baseline

New Baseline

Old baseline

Old baseline

Note: I noticed that the lack of tactile feedback on the laptop kept my eyes somewhat glued to the keyboard and slowed me down significantly. I did however have less errors as I noticed them faster since I didn’t have to stop typing to look up at the result, and therefore noticed them fast enough to go back and revert them. I also didn’t have so big differences between the three tests which I interpret as me being less dependent upon the actual text for the results.

As for the Das keyboard scores, I believe that the slight lower result was foremost due to not typing for a week, regardless of keyboard. And also, I did notice that I had to remind myself of some of the keys, but not much.

I did not have a height adjustable table for the test or external monitors, that probably also affected the test a little bit for the worse, but I doubt it would greatly affect the result.

Here is the Das keyboard result:

Das keyboard scores after 7 days break

Das keyboard scores after 7 days break

Score after break from typing for a week: 32.66

Das keyboard scores at day 7 (6 days of typing): 35.66

Error-rate was the same, at just 1.


Next part of my little self-study will be to commit to typing non-stop for 30-60 minutes each day on the Das Keyboard. The reason for the short but compact time to train is that I am currently speaking at a few conferences in the US and won’t have ‘normal’ work days. I won’t be coding much, but I will however answer emails (wish I didn’t have to) and blog. That should be around one hour. Let’s see how this goes 🙂 I’ll be blogging the results on WEEKLY basis from now on, since I need and want to blog about other stuff as well 😉 Each week will have scores from keyboard on latop with prints as well as Das keyboard scores so we can compare if an increase on the Das results in an increase on the other keyboard.

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