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Another quick writeup on my favorite shell! If you use it as much as I do, and you are not a fan of desktop shortcuts or pinning things to the ‘bar’, here are a few ways to access PowerShell with just a few keystrokes.

I’ll refer to the Windows key as just Windows as winkey is to cute for this level of coolness (actually just because winkey sounds like a cartoon character).

Windows + X + I  or Windows + X + A

Whatever you do in the Command Prompt you can do in PowerShell- so you could have the keyboard shortcuts for it open PowerShell instead. This requires some manual work first, mouse involved.

Right click on the toolbar, select properties, and under navigation tab select the third box which replaces the command prompt with PowerShell.

If you know hit Windows + X + I you open PowerShell in user mode, while Windows + X + A opens in admin mode (the best mode hehe).

2014-01-06 20-59-58

2014-01-06 21-00-14

Windows + R , “powershell” , Enter

You can still do Windows + R and type PowerShell to open it in user mode.

2014-01-06 21-06-44

Windows , “powers..”, Enter or Windows, “powers..”, Shift + F10, Arrow, Enter

Windows 8 and up only.

Another option is to hit Windows key and start typing PowerShell until you see your baby and then select it and hit Enter, or Shift + F10 (this is the same as right click) and select Run as Administrator.

2014-01-06 21-11-23

Shift + F10 is rather handy for lazy people like me that prefer to keeping the fingers hovering over the computer. When you type and you want to get suggestion on a typing error don’t forget the key on the keyboard that looks like a piece of paper (to the right of the space bar), it will bring up the list of suggestions.

Open PowerShell here (when in Windows Explorer):

Alt + D, “powershell”, Enter

If you want to open a PowerShell window set to the path to where you are (in Windows Explorer- Windows + E) you can hit Alt + D, then type powershell, and Enter. This will be in user mode.

2014-01-06 21-36-56

There are various scripts and installs (basically also scripts) that can give you more functions and shortcuts, but these are some built in keyboard shortcuts you can use straight away.

Did I miss some of the ways? Let me know and I’ll add them Smile

  12 Responses to “Ways to open PowerShell- keyboard only, no installs, no scripts”

  1. Cool post, but here’s a way you might have missed.
    In the Start menu, find “powershell” and right click it. Select Properties. In the “Shortcut” tab, select “Shortcut key”, enter the key combination you want (I chose Ctrl + Alt + T to match brining up the Linux bash shell). Click Ok. You’re done.

    • You are very right, thank you for that! I’ll add that to the post, if you have a blog or a Twitter account I’d be happy to link that in 🙂 I’ve never used that function before to be honest (I’ve used Auto HotKey for all my shortcuts). I can’t see it in Windows 8.1 under properties, can it be OS version specific/limited? Or do I need some more rest before replying to comments 😛 ?

  2. Windows+X+I doesn’t work for me, did you mean Windows+X+C? That’s what opens the console for me (Windows 8.1), or Windows+X+A for Console (Admin).

    Regarding Shift-F10 for context menu; I think that most keyboards that have a Windows key also have a dedicated context menu key, usually to the right of the space bar somewhere. On my Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 it’s between the right Alt and Ctrl keys.

    • Hm, maybe its different due to the keyboard layout. I use I, but C might be for US layout?

    • Shift ten was not for the context menu- for Right click. I mentioned the the separate key for the context menu, where I wrote to the right of the space bar looks like a paper/jump list

  3. I can get win+X+A to work, but not win+X_I or C. I’m on win8.1. Also, maybe I’m doing something wrong, but the Alt+D trick isn’t working for me either.

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