Feb 262014
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RIP: Windows XP end of support

  Here comes the end to XP- or at least the end of support and updates which more or less means that companies have to upgrade. After 12 years, 12 years!!- of support it has come to an end. I’m excited, but the question is, will the companies upgrade to Windows 7 or 8? Wonder […]

Feb 242014
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Example with Speech API: How to use .Net and COM objects in PowerShell & reference assemblies

Using Text-To-Speech in scripts I have some scripts that take some time to run for my virtual machines, so I’ve added speech so I’ll know when they are done. Just as I use speech a fair bit on my phone (having my messages read out and replying) I also use it on my computer. The […]

Feb 172014
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Windows Store Apps: Better user experience when launching files in target applications with LauncherOptions

LauncherOptions has several neat properties that lets us configure the launch for a better user experience. You might for example want the user to use a specific application, and suggest that they download it if it’s not installed. This is done with: PreferredApplicationDisplayName and PreferredApplicationPackageFamilyName If you want the user to select from a list […]

Feb 162014
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VLog Episode 003: My first book is out

A few weeks back my very first technical book was published and I am so excited! Matt Baxter-Reynolds had been working on this book and during Christmas I joined in, and finally Programming Windows Store Apps with C# after some hard work, many conversations and edits, the book was published. I am so excited! It was […]

Feb 102014
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Deploying from local git repository to Azure websites (w. video)

One of the options Azure Websites offer is deployment via source control. We will deploy from a local Git repository to the staging site. You can follow the exact steps and deploy to the production site to practice if you don’t want to pay for the staging option. In the Quick Create menu or Dashboard […]

Feb 082014
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Notes from the beginner DSLR course

Since some asked how the Nikon course was, here are my notes. Sorry about the poor state, I took the notes on my phone and made the drawings on the phone as well 😉 I know many of you developers are into photography and I take many photos to create my own stock for the […]

Feb 042014
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How to swap between staging and production on Azure Websites (video + tutorial)

Time for another Azure Website post. This time I’ve gone the extra mile and even recorded a video, hope you like it 🙂 I’ll keep the writing to a minimum, watch the video if you need more ‘talk’, personally I like ‘scrollable’ posts when it’s just a simple thing being demonstrated. No need to add […]