Mar 302014
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Windows Store Apps: adapting to sizes instead of states

Blog has been quiet for a few days as I’ve been speaking at Nebraska Code Camp and had to focus on the workshops and the sessions. The conference/code camp finished yesterday and I had a fantastic time- but I’ll tell you more about that next week, I’m itching to share some technical ‘stuff’. This time […]

Mar 252014
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More on Search in WInRT: Search history

More on Search in WInRT: Search history A few weeks back I asked on Twitter if you preferred to have search history on or off when doing searches in an application. The majority said off, some said a limited history and some preferred to have a button allowing them to toggle history on or off. […]

Mar 222014
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Windows Store not working: error code 0x80072ee2

A short but helpful post. A recent update for Windows changed a few things, among them was setting the manual proxy to on. This has for me at least resulted in an error code 0x80072ee2 whenever I try to access the Store. Sometimes I can peek a little bit, but then it returns the error […]

Mar 112014
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First day at work, hello dream job and hello IdentityMine

I can finally share with the world something I’ve been so nervous and excited about for a while. Nervous it might be all a dream, excited that it is for real. Yesterday was my first official day at IdentityMine  a company that specializes in digital user experience using some of my favorite platforms: Windows Store, […]

Mar 082014
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Making your own (DIY) FitBit One charger

Disclaimer I’m not an electrician, have no formal education whatsoever, and if you try this you and nobody else is responsible for whatever happens. This was created in a moment of despair 😉 I lost the charger to my FitBit One. Surprise. Also, I lost the Bluetooth device, but I never log in anyway. The […]

Mar 062014
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VLog Episode 005: Work and deciding to quit

Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions to get to where you want to get. For me work isn’t just work. I don’t want to go to work, clock in and clock out, making those hours, those dollars, paying those bills, and then look forward to those holidays where I can finally – FINALLY!- live. […]

Mar 022014
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6 ways of setting design time data in Windows Store Apps (XAML and C#)

Design time data is data that you use for your application while working on the design without the application running. When the application is running this data is often replaced with the real data. Grab the application here: Without any sort of data to fill in the controls and templates designing the user interface becomes […]