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As you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter- my bike got stolen last week and I was rather annoyed.

My new bike. Did a 30min ride today, got a 90 min ride planned tomorrow

My new bike. Did a 30min ride today, got a 90 min ride planned tomorrow

I had decided to do my first triathlon, and had gotten in a good flow with biking, running and swimming on regular basis. I tried convincing myself that I should just skip it, drop the sport, but I saw a triathlon sprint I really want to do in a few months, so I went and bought a new racing hybrid today. Yes I know has nothing to do with autoformatting XAML, but the next bit has:

In case you are wondering if and how to auto format that lovely XAML in Visual Studio i can tell you we’ve had that integrated in VS since 2010 version,- it just seems rather well hidden!


Under Tools-  Options – Text Editor – XAML – Formatting – Spacing select ‘Position each attribute on a separate line’


After that you can use Ctrl + E, D key shortcut to format the document, or select format manually from under File – Advanced – Format Document

Here is a before and after with the default template for Windows Store App- Hub Template





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  1. It’s amazing how the simple things that can make all the difference can slip by unnoticed. I am going to make sure these settings are on my machine – right now! Thanks. 🙂

  2. I blogged about another (better) way to autoformat XAML at

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