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In this couch interview I ask Jonas Almqvist, one of my dearest friends, about life as a SharePoint developer, the pains and pleasures and confront him with the SharePoint jokes I’ve heard. Some of the questions asked:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • What are the major pains?
  • What do we love about SharePoint?
  • Is it true SharePoint is the platform clients love but developers hate, if so- why?
  • Is SharePoint configuration only?
  • Are there breaking changes between releases and updates?
  • Is it true you get rich as a SharePoint developer, but you lose your soul?
  • Jonas does Windows Store App development with SharePoint, how does that work?

Expect a lot of giggles, an easy going conversation, and wise words from a wise young man 🙂

I’m having a hard time with WordPress and embedding audio, so for now I’ll provide two ways for you to listen to the audio, the tiny button below:
[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

Or the take me to the source! That my dear is the link to the audio file 🙂

Podcast can also be found on iTunes, just do a search for ‘iris classon’ and the stupid questions podcast should show up 🙂

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