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While taking some photos of a massive crosswalk in Tokyo I decided to try out a timelapse- my very first. I set up the phone to take photos at 4 seconds intervals of the crossing for about 20 minutes or so. Usually you do this over hours if not a full day (or more) but we were at Starbucks and it was rather packed.

Once I got home I quickly put together the video from the images using my trusted Premier Pro, but once in bed I kept thinking about how I could do this in C#. There must be  a library I can use, I thought. A quick google on my phone, and a few Stackoverflows later I got up with my laptop and started writing on an application. Although my little app I’m working on, a simple executable that you drag an image file over to and it will then generate a video based of other arguments and assuming a sequence of images in that folder, isn’t done I can’t wait sharing this awesomeness so here is a little video tutorial on how to do this. The step by step tutorial I’ll write up tomorrow in a separate post.


Robots, robots and more robots!


The video also has some video photage from the Museum Of technology in Tokyo where we saw many cool robots (a robot seal, an android, and Hondas amazing robot Asimo that can run, jump on one leg and recognize gestures plus more). Hope you enjoy, we sure did 😀

  2 Responses to “(video) Creating a time-lapse video from images in C#”

  1. This is perfect for a little side project I’ve been thinking about for years. Thank you!

  2. Hi…. i couldn’t find the link for the tutorial for the application?
    can you mail me a link?

    Hitesh 🙂

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