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I was talking to Zoiner Tejada the other day about JS patterns and he recommended a book series hosted on Github called ‘You don’t know JavaScript’. I haven’t read it all I’ll admit, I just came back home after a few days in Sweden and Norway but a few chapters in I am really liking this so I wanted to make sure I share this before I forget. I’ve decided to use Atom to read the MD (markdown), but feel free to use any tool or plugin that you prefer. To toggle preview in Atom use Ctrl + Shift + M. Let me know what you think of the chapters, and if you have any books to recommend – besides JavaScript the good parts 🙂 – that one is already on all my devices 😀 Twitter account for the book series here 2014-12-17_22-05-47 You don’t know JavaScript is written by Kyle Simpson On Twitter here Kickstarter project can be found here

  One Response to “Maybe I don’t know JavaScript? You don’t know JS – A rather good book series for JS devs”

  1. Atom looks good! I’ll have to give it a go.
    At present my personal favourite Windows MD viewer/editor is MarkdownPad Pro.

    Thanks for posting a recommendation for this JS book! Always good to get more informed 😀

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