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Sorry about all the DIY posts, I’m as you probably can guess still putting together my office in my new apartment. I really want the office to blend in well with the apartment, be one with it if that makes sense. And that is hard with many monitors and cables. Lots of them. The apartment has pretty much no power outlets, where the TV is it is built into the cabinet and then there is the pull up power strip on the kitchen bench which extends into a bar and then my office table. Here is the mission I had.

DIY fire-retardant power strip cover(2)



I wanted a power strip cover that I could have all the cables and adapters in. I wanted it to look good and blend well in, and I wanted it to be fire safe. I’ve seen many shoe boxes examples, but I’m worried about the heat generated, and flammability if there was a spark. Second, I wanted the cable for the extension cord with the power strip to be decorative, and keep the theme on my keyboard cables.

DIY fire-retardant power strip cover

Here is what I used:

White fire blanket*

Bendable metal strip

Needle and thread

And some colorful thick wool yarn- this will not be fire retardant as the wool is treated and often mixed with viscose which is one of the most flammable textiles we have.

* You could also use untreated wool textile as it is fire retardant, but it is hard to find


Make a square that fits the power strip and a little bit more out of the bendable metal.

Layout the blanket and measure out the square, bottom and sides.

DIY fire-retardant power strip cover(1)

Stich it together leaving out the top. Stich the two sides together forming a V shaped pouch. Sew some colorful wool on the outside (NOT inside) along the top edges, and braid two strips so the bag can be tied together.

DIY fire-retardant power strip cover(2)

Twist wool around the cable making sure it does not make contact with any parts that have contact with the power supply or other cables. I did the same to the keyboard cable and some other extension cords in the apartment. I couldn’t find blue so I used cerise to add some color.

DIY fire-retardant power strip cover(3)


DIY fire-retardant power strip cover(4)


DIY fire-retardant power strip cover(5)


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