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Hire Mac build agents for ios development on Windows

If you arent so keen on a Mac (and using Visual Studio for Mac) but do ios development then you can hire build agents over at MacinCloud for VSTS. I’ve frequently also hired Mac’s there as I don’t have a Mac myself but still do osx and ios related development.


Add host entry with one line of PowerShell

I often find myself working with host entries and honestly, I always hated looking for the darn hosts file. I would add entries for blocking sites, working with subdomains locally (for local development), get around the Chrome localhost cookie problem, redirecting and more. With the import of a module I can now do that work without having to directly edit the file.



Sharpen your logic skills w the Daily Programmer thread on Reddit.

With creative challenges for all levels this thread will provide plenty of fun learning. Great for students!


Make your own custom queries to stay up to date with StackExchange

StackExhange has an elegant API that is easy to use- no signup required


If you want to run a process as admin as default on Windows do this


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