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 March 23, 2017  Posted by at 10:52 am Book, Random

After half a year of writing, editing and formatting, I have finally finished and published my book Loose Candy!


I wanted to see how the self publishing process was like after publishing with O’Reilly my previous book (co-authored). I’ll write a separate blog post on the process and how it was 😉 I have lots and lots of notes! Let’s just say it was interesting 😀 The biggest hurdle after writing it was the formatting for eBooks. Simple things such as padding and syntax highlighting felt like bikini waxes, eBooks insist on overriding your CSS which can be problematic with code examples and alike. Nonetheless, I put in a lot of effort, and the book should hopefully look alright on any device or format (mobi, epub and pdf available).

I’ve had some fantastic people review the book, and as soon as I get a confirmation from each and one of them that I can add their name, I will add them to the acknowledgement section. Absolutely love this community, thank you for being so supportive!

The book can be bought (or have a look at a sample) Leanpub, and the following formats are available: mobi, epub and pdf. The book is a collection of tips and tricks for .NET developers and IT professionals, with recipes and examples. It’s an easy read, targeted at new and intermediate level readers. It will be available on Amazon in a month or so, and as a hard copy in two months. I recommend the eBook as I will keep it updated.

Let me know what you think!


Nook eReader on Windows. Publisher settings


Kindle eReader, user settings.


Kindle for Android. User settings. Black.


Kindle for Android. Publisher settings (mine).


User settings, Kindle for Android


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