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Visual Studio is amazing, it keeps getting better and better for each release. However, the Visual Studio installer can be a little bit unintuitive.

Yesterday I cloned a repo and the solution was a newer one and required .NET version 4.6.2. I thought I already had that installed, but Visual Studio seemed unable to find it. I downloaded it, was told it already existed, but the option was still missing from the options. Same with 4.7.

net-version-4-6-2-and-4-7-0-option-missing-from-visual-studio net-version-4-6-2-and-4-7-0-option-missing-from-visual-studio2

Turns out you have to go through Visual Studio installer and enable 4.6.2 and 4.7 first. The versions will then be available. Ahh… okay.



Note to self taken. And a blog post.

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