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 March 13, 2018  Posted by at 10:49 am SQL

Quick post before I head home from work!

I spent most my day updating my environment and one of the things I updated was SSMS. I was very excited to update SSMS as it has some new features that came out late 2017 that I hadn’t tried yet. With the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation ‘start-date’ right around the corner the new vulnerability assessment features could be very handy.

The features were added in 17.4 and is available for SQL Server 2012 and up- as well as in Azure SQL. To do an assessment bring up the context menu for a database and select Tasks – Vulnerability Assessment – and run the assessment tool.


I like the tool- but since the majority of our tables are generic and use non-descriptive column names the tools won’t pick up on sensitive data unless it scanned the actual content and not just the schema.

Nonetheless, it’s an excellent start and you can also do data classification by using Tasks- Classify Data, but I’ll get back to that later.

Sorry for the database example :D

Sorry for the database example- I didn’t have any other example 😀



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