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It’s hard to stay up do date with all the constant changes and announcements, and as a Microsoft MVP I would like to make this easier for you. Therefore, I’ve decided to write a blogpost series that recaps announcements and news from Microsoft Ignite 2018. I’ve done this before with Microsoft BUILD (this year I even had the pleasure of being at BUILD as a BUILD MC and did several interviews and takeaways with Channel9. The feedback has been great (thank you!!), and therefore I’ll make sure to do an even better job with Microsoft Ignite.


For each announcement I’ll give a brief overview, videos I recommend, where you can read more about the topic and announcement(s), as well as links for trying the new features or services (and other learning resources), and for some of the announcements I’ll also provide my own tutorials and example code if applicable. At the end of the series I’ll upload a video where I go through everything.

What I’m planning to cover in separate parts (you can expect a post every 1-2 days):

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SQL Server
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Data Explorer and Kusto Query Language
  • Azure Infrastructure
  • Azure for Developers
  • Security
  • Learning

I haven’t planned to cover the following things (but I might change my mind):

  • Internet of Things
  • Edge
  • Office 365
  • Quantum
  • Azure VM Image Builder
  • Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise

This is part one, and as requested I’ve summarized where you can find the Microsoft Ignite videos. Thank you to Richard Hay and Peter Shore for helping me locate the videos 😀

About Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite is an annual Microsoft event targeted at IT professionals and developers that usually lasts about a week. The event has several keynotes, sessions, workshops and streamed interviews and discussions, and is often timed with big announcements regarding various Microsoft products. The focus is on enterprise products and services, in contrast to Microsoft BUILD which is more focused on the developer side of things, even though announcements for enterprise services and products are made during BUILD as well.

The keynotes are streamed, discussions and interviews between sessions, and selected sessions. The videos are available either through the Microsoft Ignite website, or the Channel9 channel for Microsoft Ignite. If you use the MyIgnite website, log in with your tech community account. If you don’t have one, use your Microsoft account (or create one for free), log in and accept terms of agreement for joining the techcommunity.

Session videos:

Interviews and discussions:

You can also find some of the sessions, such as the keynotes, on YouTube:

Microsoft channel

Microsoft Ignite channel

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