Oct 142018
 October 14, 2018  Posted by at 1:48 pm Debugging Windows, Windows  Add comments

It was Friday 11 PM and I was tasked with updating all our PROD VMs. We still do this manually, and although we usually rotate who does it I have volunteered the last few months since I’m pregnant and wake up every few hours anyway.

The last few times I’ve experienced some problems with our VMs, mainly that I cant access Windows Updates, Settings or Search. Nada is happening. I’m met by a blue window after clicking, yes show me the updates.


In case you come across this problem the solution might be simple, I simply had to bring up task manager and kill the Search process. Funny enough, all the solutions I found online suggested I install the updates… well, I can’t access them! Anyways, kill the process (via task manager, commandline or PoSh), and hopefully you’ll be good to go. I’m going to check on the updates now. Good night.




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