Mar 302014
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Windows Store Apps: adapting to sizes instead of states

Blog has been quiet for a few days as I’ve been speaking at Nebraska Code Camp and had to focus on the workshops and the sessions. The conference/code camp finished yesterday and I had a fantastic time- but I’ll tell you more about that next week, I’m itching to share some technical ‘stuff’. This time […]

Mar 252014
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More on Search in WInRT: Search history

More on Search in WInRT: Search history A few weeks back I asked on Twitter if you preferred to have search history on or off when doing searches in an application. The majority said off, some said a limited history and some preferred to have a button allowing them to toggle history on or off. […]

Mar 112014
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First day at work, hello dream job and hello IdentityMine

I can finally share with the world something I’ve been so nervous and excited about for a while. Nervous it might be all a dream, excited that it is for real. Yesterday was my first official day at IdentityMine  a company that specializes in digital user experience using some of my favorite platforms: Windows Store, […]

Mar 022014
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6 ways of setting design time data in Windows Store Apps (XAML and C#)

Design time data is data that you use for your application while working on the design without the application running. When the application is running this data is often replaced with the real data. Grab the application here: Without any sort of data to fill in the controls and templates designing the user interface becomes […]

Feb 172014
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Windows Store Apps: Better user experience when launching files in target applications with LauncherOptions

LauncherOptions has several neat properties that lets us configure the launch for a better user experience. You might for example want the user to use a specific application, and suggest that they download it if it’s not installed. This is done with: PreferredApplicationDisplayName and PreferredApplicationPackageFamilyName If you want the user to select from a list […]

Dec 102013
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Passing event arguments from XAML in Windows Store Apps (InputConverter, InputConverterParameter etc.)

I learned something pretty cool a few days ago after a two day mission looking over all the different ways that you can work with the events provided by the control with a strict MVVM pattern. That is a longer blog post coming soon, talking about attached dependency properties, dependency properties, behaviors and attached behavior […]

Jul 112013
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The colors of Windows Store Apps- style names and colors in WinRT

In case you are looking for the colors used in WinRT and the names of the style here is a list of all the colors and the names. Enjoy 🙂 For all the styles have a look under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Include\WinRT\Xaml\Design [sourcecode language=”XML”] // Default <SolidColorBrush x:Key="AppBarBackgroundThemeBrush" Color="#E5000000" /> <SolidColorBrush x:Key="AppBarBorderThemeBrush" Color="#E5000000" /> <SolidColorBrush […]

Jun 262013
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BUILD 2013: What is new in XAML (highlights)

Flyout control – a lightweight user interface (view). Is lightly dismissible and can by attached to any FrameworkElement. Use Flyoutbase.Attachedflyout . When added to a button the flyout will open automatically. Settingspanel – Flyoutcontrol that simplifies use of settingspanel Theming and ThemeResource – you can request specified theme on single controls Hub control – can […]

May 032013
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WinRT JS app guide: Introduction

What we will cover In this post we will introduce our next guide on creating Windows Store Apps, this time with JavaScript and HTML. Windows Store App guide with JavaScript and HTML A couple of months ago we walked through the steps of creating a Windows Store application in C# and XAML using Telerik graph […]

Feb 132013
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Windows Store App Enterprise Deployment mini-guide

Here is a simplified guide for sideloading enterprise Windows Store Apps 1. The app should pass the WACK test 2. App must be signed by a Certificate Authority trusted by targeted PC’s 3. For sideloading the signed app package + dependencies are needed 4. Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Enterprise edition PC’s must be […]

Feb 072013
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Error: Visual Studio 2012 hangs or crashes when adding new folder in Windows Store App with Javascript and Html

A couple of days ago I had the weirdest problem in Visual Studio 2012. I was working on some demo applications, Windows Store Apps, and in JavaScript and Html. But whatever I did I could not create or rename a folder. Whenever I did Visual Studio would hang, and become completely unresponsive until I basically […]

Feb 032013
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A simple design time data example with Windows Store Applications for beginners

I’ve gotten many question about design time data and how you can work with it. The default templates are for many a tiny bit complicated, and if you look at most of the examples out there for design time data ther are often just modified versions of the code in the template. You can download […]

Jan 292013
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Stupid Question 138: In RE to WinRT development what is the hardest bit to grasp/interesting for an iOS dev?

[To celebrate my first year of programming I will ask a ‘stupid’ questions daily on my blog for a year, to make sure I learn at least 365 new things during my second year as a developer] Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a talk for the Cocoaheads Gothenburg user group on the topic […]

Jan 282013
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Confused about WinRT? Best in-depth article!

Still confused about WinRT? Today I came across one of the best articles I’ve read on WinRT, a very well written in-depth article that explains the story, the details and the discussion. I recommend everybody to read this! The article is written by Peter Bright (Twitter @drpizza) and is 7 pages long, and as several […]

Jan 182013
Connecting your website to your Windows Store App with meta tags

A pretty cool thing you can do to better connect your website with your Windows Store App Oddly enough most developers I’ve talked to are unaware of this little cool thing you can do to connect your Windows Store App with your website so I’ve decided to write up this little blog post, and also […]