Jan 142011
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2011 so far in food-pictures from the dietitian

The start of 2011 has been very hectic. My husband just started a new job, and with school he is currently doing 200%. I’ve been preoccupied with launching this years advanced nutritional counseling courses at my clinic. This week was the first week, and I believe I didn’t get home until ten in the evening […]

Jul 282010
Boat trip in Swedish waters

The summer is not exactly going to waste here, the last two days me and Daniel went with his parents and his sister on a boat trip, soaking up the sun, swimming in the dark blue waters and barbequing ribs (perfectly done by his dad 😉 ).This summer has been unbelievable and for the first […]

May 012010
Another week gone by…

Second week at the hospital, one third through my practical training, and one month left of my bachelor (of dietetics). I wish I had something astonishing to tell you about my week, but other than the training at the hospital my life has been somewhat grey. It feels like I am waiting for something. Waiting […]

Apr 282010
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Comic strip about dietitians!

Yes, I have found yet another thing to keep myself occupied with, and that is my very own comic strip about dietitians. I hear every day misconceptions about dietitians, and dietitians (and dietetics students) have quite a good time laughing at them. Some misconceptions are truer than others, but most of them are just ridiculous. […]

Apr 272010
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Very tired – uncertainties about the future keeping me awake

I didn’t sleep to well last night, many thoughts and uncertainties in my head. I was lying awake until four am, before dragging myself to the living room and collapsing on the sofa. For the last couple of weeks I have been applying to various jobs, somewhat uncertain whether I want or should study this […]

Apr 252010
Week 16, first week of practical training as a dietitian

Ah! Another week has gone by! This one has been an extraordinary week, as two things I have been looking forward to have happened. One: my practical training as a dietitian started, and two: spring is here! My training will last for six weeks, and I will be at four different hospitals (!) mainly in […]

Apr 052010
The belly dancing dietitian, barefoot on the bar

I really should blog more often, but working nights has really taken a toll on me and yesterday I slept until four in the afternoon, waking up just in time to have dinner. I suspect sleeping without my dear husband also makes it hard to fall asleep; the bed seems empty and cold without him. […]

Mar 262010
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My Bachelor Thesis V: EndNote you are not my friend!

Our draft was put together yesterday after nearly 12 hours of non-stop work and after struggling with the darn reference program EndNote. My question is this, how are we supposed to know how to insert manual references in the program if we haven’t been taught the program, nobody can help us- or the manual doesn’t […]

Mar 172010
My Bachelor thesis III: Week four starts of good

By putting in a tremendous amount of work we managed to get up-to-date by last Friday. We analyzed our five studies, wrote the method part of the thesis and prepared for the Monday session with our professor. We had taken some drastic conclusions and were worried what she would say, as we had come to […]

Mar 102010
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My bachelor thesis II : A tricky research question

Halfway through the third week and we are already having problems. Our research question on weight cycling and blood pressure has turned out to be a little problematic, as there is a limited amount of human studies on the subject and few of the ones we found met our criteria’s. Yesterday we discovered that we […]