Sep 072012
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WinRT app guide: Step 6: Adding a DataTemplate to the ListView

To read the other steps in the step by step guide for creating a Metr/ WInRT application go here First! The most important thing! Let’s have some fun. Adding text and coming up with names is tedious and boring. Lets add a few more items to our test data, and add some more text in […]

Sep 032012
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WinRT app guide: Step 5: Adding the model and some helper classes

To read the other steps in the step by step guide for creating a Metr/ WInRT application go here Sorry for this tiny delay on the blog post, I’ve been in Bulgaria for Telerik’s 10 year anniversary/teambuilding thursday – monday , and the resort we stayed at only had wifi in the bar – and […]

Aug 242012
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Free 'book' : User Experience Guidelines for Metro/Windows 8 style apps (WinRT apps)

I put the word ‘book’ in quotation marks as I don’t think that this resource is meant to be a book, but considering the size – 316 pages, I would call it a book. If you like to develop Metro/WinRT/Windows 8 style apps like I do, you can now download all the guidelines collected here […]

Jun 132012
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Attending a Microsoft App Excellence Lab next week, hoping for a token for Windows Store

As you might have noticed I like Windows8 and Metro so I have been working on an idea I have for a Metro App. Next week lucky me gets to go to Microsoft’s office in Kista (Stockholm, Sweden) to attend a  App Excellence Lab, where I will get one-on-one feedback on my app. That is so […]

Jun 122012
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Free Virtual Training with Microsoft on thursday: Windows 8 UX Fundamentals for Metro apps

Keen on learning more about Windows 8 apps? I know I am! So I signed up for the Virtual training on thursday, a 9 hour long online training aimed for desigenrs or developers that have to do the design themselves (like me). The deisgn of the app is very important to get an app approved […]