Sep 062012
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Video from the first Pluralsight Study Group meeting (Sweden)

Join the Sweden Pluralsight Study Group here It’s safe to say that things didn’t go as planned! My flight was delayed and I landed two hours before the group had to start.The pizza was late and then delivered to the wrong adress, people were running late and calling during the very laid back introduction.The pizza […]

Sep 232010
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My first Michelin star

Not really my Michelin star, but the first time I have eaten at a Michelin restaurant. We were close this summer when we stayed at Caesars, as the famous Guy Savoy restaurant was in the same building, but we never went. Yesterday was our (me and my husband Daniels) three year anniversary so we booked […]

Jul 282010
Boat trip in Swedish waters

The summer is not exactly going to waste here, the last two days me and Daniel went with his parents and his sister on a boat trip, soaking up the sun, swimming in the dark blue waters and barbequing ribs (perfectly done by his dad 😉 ).This summer has been unbelievable and for the first […]

Jul 262010
Steve Angello @ Port du Soleil Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg must be the best place in the world to live this summer! Earlier this week we saw Benny Benassi perform live, and last night it was Steve Angello. Again it was me, my husband Daniel, his boss John, a friend Fredrik and another friend of ours Jonas. After a few pre-drinks, consisting mainly of […]