Dec 122012
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Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers agenda (free streaming event)

Starts: Thursday, December 13, 2012 9:00 AM Time zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) For Swedes this means 18:00 our time  Duration: 16 hour(s) Register here for Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers Watch the live stream of this event on The Verge You can also watch the live stream of the event on […]

Oct 102012
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Simple TypeScript Example: Windows Store App using TypeScript with classes, inheritance and interfaces in 6 steps

Ah, the sweet revenge when an evil Javascript dev laughed at my question about how I can fake classes in jS Introducing yet another lets create classes in js! Muahahahaha 😀 Oki, so coffeescript is nice, but I don’t like the syntax. Dart is pretty cool but I can’t take it serious. TypeScript? I like […]

Jun 282012
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As you might have found out (or not) you can’t access VisualStates by their name in code/programmatically. Setting a VisualState in code is also a bit of a hassle compared to declaring it in XAML, and then of course you can’t use Blend. If you try to access a named storyboard that is wrapped in […]